I. Take a tour of downtown Kalispell. Photograph a minimum of 10 places you visit and write a paragraph about each site. Photos must be labeled and attached to pages in your notebook. (If possible, have someone take the pictures so you can be in them.) Your paragraph should be in your own words, not a copy of material given to you. Maximum 10 point bonus will be given for 5 or more additional places you visit.


II. Visit a local historical cemetery and make a grave rubbing of a cemetery marker. As you visit the cemetery, locate and record the earliest birth date (example - 1840).  Also, record the birth date and death date of the oldest person in the cemetery. Conrad, Spring Creek, Stillwater, Demersville and Lone Pine cemeteries are acceptable.

III. Tour one of Kalispell’s Historic Home Districts.  Take pictures of some of the historic homes and read some of the National Historic Place signs that may be visible. Write up a summary of your tour experience describing the district.


IV. Tour one of the following museums and write up your visit: Hockaday Museum of Art (302 Second Ave. East), Central School Museum (124 Second Ave. East), or Conrad Mansion Museum (Woodland Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets East) Take a pencil and paper with you in order to write down what you see. Write a one-page paper about the items or works of art you saw on display.


V. Memories - Conduct an interview with a long time Kalispell resident. This may be a neighbor, family friend, grandparent, or perhaps a teacher who qualifies as having lived in Kalispell for a long time (25+ years). Photograph and/or get the autograph of the person being interviewed. Be sure to thank them for their time and help. Write up the interview into paragraph form.


VI. Visit Norms News on Main Street. Document your visit with a photo, receipt for a fountain soda, or other memorabilia and write a paragraph about the site. 


VII. Complete Historic Kalispell Word Search.


VIII. Kalispell Time Line - choose 10 important dates from the notes and information given you in class as well as this Kalispell History. Create a Time Line of Kalispell History.



Notebook – 3 ring binder, Front Cover of the Notebook should be decorated.

Title page – Should have title, your name, and date.

Table of Contents – Include all of the eight requirements listed above.



Photos and write ups of additional sites. 10 points maximum.


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