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Amazing Shake Round 2!

The Top 10 winners of St. Matthew's School Amazing Shake advanced to Round 2! On Thursday, Nov 8, they travelled to Three Rivers Bank, where they met with Bank President, John King, and held a mock board meeting as the board of directors. Students discussed and voted on loan approvals, discussed future expansion of the bank, and examined the health and profitability of the bank. They were scored on their participation in the board meeting.

Next students advanced through a series of one on one interviews with bank employees, where they were scored on their handshake, poise, ability to answer tough questions, eye contact, etc.

All students did a fabulous job of representing St. Matthew's School. The top 4 will advance to Round 3 coming up next week!

Winners advancing to Round 3 are:

1. Fiona Coulter

2. Ben Bliven

3. Jackson Heino

4. Sarah Cornish

Thank-you to Three Rivers Bank for hosting Round 2! Congratulations to the winners, and Good Luck on the next Round- Customer Service,

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