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Learn Why Our Parents & Students Are Proud To Be Saints

We are finishing our first year at St. Matthew's Catholic School here in Kalispell. We are so impressed with the quality of faith-based education our son receives, and the caliber of his teachers. This is a top school in the valley, and we couldn't be more proud of the young person our son is becoming. If you are looking for a school-family, that feels like a true community, I would recommend sending your children here. It's really the best.- Carley Hamann (parent) 4/3/2022


When I think of St. Matthews I think of family. My time in elementary school was filled not only by a world class education, but with teachers and peers who GENUINELY cared for me and my well-being. As a college graduate, I still have never experienced this level of compassion in an educational environment. Even today when I walk through the halls or see an old teacher, the nostalgia comes with tenderness and longing for my days at St. Matthews. I would not be the person I am today in respects to both academic literacy and moral values without my upbringing at St. Matthews. - Hunter Driear (Alumni) 2/19/2022

St.Matthews established much of my early life from childhood, to a young adult. I was baptized at St.Matthews, and lucky enough to attend all the way from daycare (back when it was the gift of love) to when I graduated in 8th grade. St.Matthews is where my faith was born, and flourished. One of the biggest gifts St.Matthews gave me was confidence. Confidence that fostered life long friendships, confidence that allowed me to feel prepared for highschool and confidence that led me to pursue a higher education. Now that I'm a parent of a child ready to attend grade school I know exactly where I want him to attend and why. St.Matthews has teachers that care about their students, small class sizes and the sense of community you cannot find elsewhere.- Mariah Weide (Alumni)

My time at St. Matthew’s was a gift academically and athletically. I was prepared to succeed in a full schedule of advanced classes in high school. I was also able to compete on various sports teams. St. Matthew’s prepared me for a great high school experience.- Kaylyn (Heaton) Lybeck (Alumni)

St. Matthew’s is a place that cultivated my interests in explorative science and quantitative reasoning. Sister Judy’s science labs and Mrs. Matulevich’s science and computer labs played a big role in leading me to eventually pursue computer science, data science, and mathematics as an undergrad. These experiences encouraged interpersonal communication with my peers and teachers. They taught me how to embrace a challenge and work with others to do so. These skills have been and are relevant and important in my success on my career path in Cyber Security..- Daniel Olszewski-Third Year PhD student in Cyber Security-University of Florida-(Alumni)

I attended St. Matthew’s from PreSchool through 8th grade. Throughout those years of learning in the classroom and competing in athletics, my classmates and I pushed each other to be the best versions of ourselves. The bonds that we created during those experiences have been a support system for me as I went to college, graduate school, and into my adult life. We’ve been through many challenges together and celebrated many successes together. No matter the distance we can always count on each other to be there. Without Saint Matthew’s School, I wouldn’t have the life long childhood friends I get to walk through life with. ..- Albert Michael Olszewski Test and Reliability Engineer at Peloton-(Alumni)

Attending St. Matthew's is a privilege that continues to bear fruit long after my time as a student came to a close. The ability to have faith-based discussions in the classroom and in extracurriculars allowed me to develop a strong foundation as a Catholic at an early age. As an adolescent and young adult, I was equipped to grow through both trials and triumphs where many feel subject to the whims of fate and society. Today, I feel empowered to address the temptations of relativism, knowing that if my first response is "I don't know" then Church Doctrine has a better answer. Having St. Matthew's be a part of the start of my faith journey has made a lifelong impact that I’m grateful for. -Megan Smith-Marketing Director at Health & Rehab Solutions-(Alumni)