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Dress Code

St. Matthew’s School requires a school uniform.


Regular daily uniform shall consist of a red or navy polo shirt (must have the official logo) with khaki or navy pants, shorts, skirts, or a red plaid jumper (K-4) or skirt (5-8). Mass dress (Fridays) shall consist of a plain white dress shirt, short or long sleeves, with a navy and red tie. Same bottoms as above. Navy crewneck sweatshirt with logo, cardigan sweater with logo, or 1/4 zip sweater with logo is allowed over the daily or mass uniform. School uniforms may be purchased through Land's End School Uniform Store, School Uniforms for Less,  as well as limited quantities available in the school office.

St. Matthew's School Dress Code, Explained

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


Shirt: Navy or red polo with logo

Pants: Navy or khaki twill K-8

Shorts: Bermuda navy or khaki twill K-8

Skorts: Plaid K-8

Skirts: Navy or khaki K-8, plaid 5-8

Jumper: Plaid K-4 only with logo

Dresses: Navy polo dress with logo

Wednesday - Mass Dress

Shirt: Plain white button-down shirt, short or long sleeved.

Tie: Red/Navy Tie or bowtie

Pants/skirts: Same pants, skirt, or jumper choices as above.

Friday - Dare to be a Saint day

The same uniform as above may be worn OR if you were your Dare to Be a Saint shirt, jeans may be worn on Wednesdays.

Cold weather options - any day of the week

Navy crewneck sweatshirt, 1/4 zip sweater, or cardigan with logo may be worn over polos or mass dress shirt.

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