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Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid

Ace Scholarship

An ACE scholarship, which is income based, can be up to 50% of tuition to a private school, limited to $2,000 annually for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade or $3,000 annually for grades 9-12.  If you receive the scholarship we will work with you to arrange payment for the remaining tuition to our school.


If your student is awarded the ACE scholarship the funds belong to your student, so if you decide to transfer your student out of our school and enroll him or her into another private school that also works with ACE, the scholarship will follow your student.


Below you will find the ACE application – please complete and return it to us along with your financial paperwork from last year.  Once we receive your application we will review it and then contact you. 

Apply for ACE scholarships beginning March 1, 2024. Deadline is April 15, 2024. You may apply for FACTS Grant & Aid and ACE by clicking the boxes when applying for tuition assistance.

FACTS Payment Plans, Grants & Financial Aid


FACTS Grant & Aid is a tuition aid for Kindergarten through 8th-grade families that need assistance and is based on income and expenses for each household. FACTS is a third-party service provider who objectively determines a family's ability to pay tuition. Each student is assessed a tuition amount ranging from Full tuition to a minimum tuition obligation.

Tuition will be paid through “monthly” installments using the FACTS electronic payment program (a minimal annual fee will be applied based on the option chosen) Current users will be electronically re-enrolled.

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