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St. Matthew’s students can participate in a variety of after school sports. Our Saints play against local rural schools, Trinity Lutheran, Stillwater Christian School, and other surrounding cities.

Thanks to the professionals offering sports physicals, businesses who advertise in the gym, and donors who directly contribute towards jerseys and other expenses, students play for free!



5th-8th grade boys play football. Football season runs from the start of school through October.


5th-8th grade girls play volleyball. Volleyball season runs from the start of school through October.



5th-8th grade boys and girls play basketball. Boy's basketball season is November and December. Girl's basketball season is January and February.



1st - 4th grade students are incorporated into the SNAG golf training program. SNAG stands for “Starting New at Golf.” SNAG contains all the basic elements of golf but in a modified form. 

5th - 8th grade program is held at Buffalo Hill Golf Course and is an introduction to golf. Teaching students the fundamentals of golf along with rules and etiquette to prepare them for play on the course.

Boy Throwing Basketball


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