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Trunk or Treat


Trunk or Treat

On Tuesday, October 31st, bring your carved pumpkins and your decked out vehicle to the St. Matthew's parking lot. We gather together for a tailgating event that is safe for kids to trick-or-treat and view creative pumpkins. The event starts at 5:00PM.

Volunteer to serve hot beverages or treats.

Mrs. Rainwater also challenges you to construct a container that will keep your pumpkin safe as it's dropped from the top of St. Matthew's School. Bring your creations! Will your pumpkin survive or become 'squashed'?

Pumpkin Drop Rules

  • All measurements will be on the honor system.

  • Pumpkin must be 10 inches in diameter or larger.

  • All mesurements will be on the honor system!

  • Pumpkin and protective structure weight is limited to 40 pounds.

  • The pumpkin container can have dimensions no greater than 20x30x40 inches

  • Pumpkins must be orange in color.

  • The inside of the pumpkin may not be altered. (No Freezing or adding chemicals).

  • Pumpkins must free fall (no bungee cords).

  • Pumpkins must land in the designated drop zone.

  • Protective structure around the pumpkin must be designed with public safety in mind.

  • Team member must clean up their pumpkin and structure immediately following their drop.

  • Teams may consist of family and/or friends. Team members do not have to be students at St. Matthew's School.

  • Teams must gather with their pumpkin in front of the the school office by 4:45 for check-in and to have their structure taken up to the roof.

  • Names of all team members must be printed on the topside of the structure.

  • Turn in registration form by 8:30AM on Friday, October 27th.

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