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B&G Auction: Cost Of Mission

Education of our children attending Saint Matthew's School with Catholic Values to face today's and tomorrow's challenges is a worthy cause! This is our Mission at Saint Matthew's School in Kalispell.


We are seeking support from Kalispell Catholic Parishes and parishioners to help support our next generation of Catholics.  To meet the St. Matthew's Catholic School ongoing needs, a challenge was asked of St. Matthews Parish and Risen Christ Parish.  Both parishes are matching dollar-for-dollar contributions made by their respective parishioners and communities.    St. Matthews and Risen Christ will each match up to $10,000.00. Every dollar you donate will be matched by the parish you choose up to $10,000.00.


All funds will go towards education of children attending Saint Mathew's School and covering gap between the school's revenue and expenses. If you have a specific student that is attending or would like to help attend, please let us know. We will not turn away a child so please help us fund the Cost of Mission in forming a child that "Dares to be a Saint!"

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