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Dare to Be a Saint

An all-school program

At St. Matthew’s, every student, teacher, and staff member in the school belongs to one of four choirs of angels. Choirs are like teams, where everyone belongs and everyone participates. Members of each choir work together to compete against other choirs in the areas of academics, activities, school spirit, and community service.

Points are earned in friendly competition as choirs vie for the title of ‘Saints of the Month’, ‘Saints of the Quarter’, and ultimately winning the yearly awarded ‘Saints Cup’. The friendly rivalry builds a healthy and encouraging community spirit where friendships are strengthened, faith is lived, and school is more fun.


5th-8th grade students, as well as Teachers and Staff will be sorted into the 4 choirs randomly, and will remain on that team for the entire time they are at St. Matthew’s School. New students (5th - 8th) will be sorted into one of the 4 choirs when they arrive. 


K-4th grade students are in the choir of their teacher for the year. They could potentially be in a different choir each year, until 5th grade, when they get their permanent assignment.


Wednesdays are
Dare to be a Saint days.


Students may wear a Dare to be a Saint t-shirt and jeans for the day. 5th-8th grade students wears the color of their choir, K-4th may wear navy shirts.  

Goals of the point system:


  • To encourage Catholic Christian values to be used in our daily lives, treating others with respect and kindness.

  • Students become an important part of the school community from the very beginning.

  • More opportunities to lead, participate, and serve, building leaders

  • Positive interaction between grade levels, with friendly competition

  • Create a Spirit of Community - positive encouraging environment with students recognizing and encouraging each other

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