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Tax Credits for Qualified Education Contributions

Starting January 3, 2022, a Montana Legislature approved program (HB279) allows every dollar of your or a corporation’s cash donation (up to $200,000 per organization) to go toward Student Scholarship Organization tax credits for qualified schools.

Simply put, if you or a corporation donate any sum of money to St. Matthew's under this program, you or your company would receive an equivalent credit on your taxes.  You are essentially saving your equivalent donation on your state income taxes. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the income tax you owe. For example, a family generously donates $500 to St. Matt's under this program. They would then be eligible for an equivalent credit of $500 on their Montana State Income Tax.  


We encourage anyone who is interested to read the QETC PDF from the Montana Department of Revenue and follow the donation process by contacting Megan Holt directly 406-751-6818 or

We are excited to offer this opportunity to our families and community members to directly benefit our SMS students.

Thank you for supporting our students. We are thankful to not only our Legislature for providing this unique opportunity but also to the parishes and families we serve for their never-ending support of all of our children. 

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