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St. Matthew’s Catholic School provides a nurturing and enriching environment that teaches Gospel values and promotes academic excellence in the Catholic tradition.


Our Curriculum

Enriching young minds with quality education and exceptional mentorship.


Dare to Be a Saint

We challenge our students to be the best they can be.


School-Wide Learning Expectations


Live the virtues

Student shows respect for God, self and others, follows the Golden Rule. Demonstrates and practices Catholic beliefs, prayers and traditions, incorporates service before self.


Know what's right, do what's right

Student demonstrates truth and honesty by upholding moral principles and virtues, takes responsibility for actions, exhibits self-control and self-discipline, cares for school and others’ property.


Have a growth mindset

Student perseveres to complete assignments in a timely manner, works independently and cooperatively and has a growth mindset. Shows enthusiasm and engagement for learning, meets or exceeds curriculum standards, and applies knowledge to real world issues.


Help pay for your child's tuition with Scrip

Scrip is simply gift cards that we have purchased at a discounted rate and sell for the actual amount. The amount that we have saved per card goes directly to your tuition the following year. 


Donate to St. Matthew's School

Please consider a donation to St. Matthew's Catholic School. Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Call the Parish Office to arrange a gift. (406 752 6788) Thank you!

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